Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Electric whirligig airplane

Electric whirligig airplane

 The original concept was developed in 1987. I designed an airplane whirligig to power an LED light on the tail of the airplane . The idea was to let me know when the wind was blowing at night .  Solar cells at this time were not very cheap. The simple  less expensive design was to generate electricity using  the propeller on the front of the airplane. The original prototype is shown below in the photograph. The electric motor was from a small fan and the plastic fan blad was incorporated in the design. The airplane operated for 3 years before giving out. The next generation will be more elaborate using multiple LEDs and possible remote wind speeds being transmitted to a receiver.The basic concept can be adapted to just about any whirligig.
The followin pattern is just a generalization and is intended for conceptual purposes. Modifications and adjustments to the pattern may be needed.

Note ;electric motor should be sealed from the weather to prevent damage from rain or insects.

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