Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Cloud rainbow sign with whirligig umbrella - sign is optional

This is a cloud rainbow whirligig umbrella that can be used as a business sign or address sign. The whirligig part of this is unusual in that it is a hanging whirligig. You must make sure to mount the fan blades of the umbrella at an angle for it to work properly. As with many of my other designs, this is a concept design and has not been tested or prototyped as of yet. The design is set up so that you can scale it to whatever size you need. Keep in mind that if you make the whirligig too large it may not work mechanically. The eye screws may have to be mounted differently than shown to offset the weight of the umbrella and rainbow. The left eye screw should probably be on the rainbow above the umbrella. You may also want to scale the umbrella down in size.
    It should also be noted that the umbrella by its self is a whirligig and can be used alone without the cloud and rainbow.

Friday, August 5, 2016

hanging hand whirligig sign

Hanging Hand Whirligig Sign

Signs can be the cornerstone of any business success. Attracting customers attention can sometimes be a daunting task, as you are usually competing with hundreds of other signs.
      One of the main things that I've learned in the 40 years of being in business for myself is that the only thing that gets people's attention is the oddity that stands out from everything else.
    Motion is usually key, as this taps into primitive survival brain functions. The brain cannot ignore such things until it identifies what it is that's moving. 
     I learned very early on that whirligigs make some of the best signs. They don't always scale up to the larger sizes, but because of their motion and uniqueness they don't need to. In many cases people will actually stop and turn around to see what it is. Their curiosity gets the better of them until they know what it's about. That is why smaller signs work well in conjunction with larger signs. The larger sign states the name of the business, the smaller sign acts like a fishing lure directing them to the front door or whatever else you want their attention on. 
    Now with all this said I also learned that after seeing the sign for several months people became accustomed to it and begin to largely ignoring it. It is at this point that I change out the sign entirely and from time to time rotating different signs and maintain their interest and attention.