Monday, October 8, 2012

Bubble Blowing whirligig ship

As always the patterns are free to use so long as they're not put into commercial production. All copyrights are retained by Dale Candee and studio.

 Bubble Blowing whirligig ship



The idea here is that the whirligig as it spins in the wind will blow bubbles.
The bubbles coming from the back of the ship make it appear that the bubbles are propelling the ship.
Another design that I have in the works is for a submarine using a similar design.  The concept could be used for many different designs .

Note: As with many of my designs they are not necessarily to scale and may require additional work in order to get the design to actually function.

The pattern is for conceptual use only and not intended to guarantee functionality. Certain parts of the pattern instructions or details may have been left out.

The following are revisions to original.

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