Friday, April 15, 2016

Carnival Ferris wheel whirligig

Carnival Ferris wheel whirligig

Note this is a concept and not a pattern. All copyrights are reserved by you are free to use for personal use only, not for reproduction, reprint, or republication.

This concept has not been done to scale and has not been tested and as such functionality is unknown. Theoretically, it should work but may require adjustments and further testing.

The idea is to use a double wheel as the Ferris wheel with the propeller blades inside the Ferris wheel. The cars on the Ferris wheel may require additional weight in order to get them to hang and rotate properly. The shaft that the propeller rotates on probably should be a metal screw or bolt. Be sure to use graphite as your lubricant so it does not freeze in the winter. Graphite from pencil lead may be substituted. The center hub is a 1"or 2" wheel in which the propeller blades are inserted into. The upper edges of the blades are slotted into the Ferris wheel and act as spokes for the Ferris wheel. The dowels that the cars rotate on also act as further reinforcement for the Ferris wheel itself. 
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