Thursday, October 6, 2016

Spooky Ghost Novelty

    As kids we have all played with magnets and how two like poles such as + and +will repel one another. I have used magnets in many projects since then and in a lot of different ways.
    In this project we are hiding magnets in a friendly looking ghost that hangs from a hangar over a wooden base with another hidden magnet in the base. We make sure that each magnet repels each other before gluing in place.
    As the ghost swings back and forth over the base, the ghost will move to avoid the magnet or magnets that are in the base. As a result the ghost does not move back and forth as you would think. I like using rare earth magnets because they are stronger and can be smaller and easier to hide. More than one magnet can be placed in the base to give additional and more unpredictable movements, just make sure all the magnets repel one another.
    This is one of my favorite novelties to create during the holidays. It makes a great conversation piece and easily amuses people who are not familiar with magnetism and how it works.

    As always this is a Nevada project and has not been tested or created to scale. Adjustments and refinements to the project may be necessary.
It is presented here only as a form of entertainment.

[CAUTION: this project may contain small parts and is not intended for small children as these parts may present a choking hazard] 

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  1. Hello,
    I've been looking over your patterns, and I saw that you're open to new ideas :) I'm so glad, because I actually found your cool site, because I was looking for patterns that could be used on paper, metal or wood Lanterns, like these:
    (I'm just showing these as an example, there are many others)
    Do you have any ideas for decorative patterns to use on these types of Lanterns? I would love to see what your ideas are!

    Also, I love your cat & Halloween patterns, I've shared them on my Pinterest boards, I hope that's OK.

    Keep up the good work and thanks so much for sharing,