Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Tap dancing whirligig

Tapping shoes whirligig

Note: tapping shoes whirligig is presented as a concept idea. It has not been done to scale nor has it been tested. Nevada does not guarantee that this concept will work and is presented here only for entertainment purposes. Nevada crafter also retains all copyrights and does not allow the reprint publication of this document for the purpose of resale. The whirligig may be used for personal and smallbatch production only. Corporate mass production is not allowed. 

 The alternating cams lift the shoes one at a time and then drops them. The bottle caps on the bottom of the tip of the shoe rattle each time the shoe is dropped making a tap dancing sound. It may be necessary to place a metal bracket under the bottle caps in order to prevent damage  to wood and to add to the sound effect.The shoes are hinged at the back with a small drawer hinge. A small metal bell can be optionally attached for additional sound. The style of the shoe could also be changed to give it a man's shoe opposite a woman's shoe to give it more of an appearance of a couple dancing.The tail fin and propeller are presented only as examples and could be customized to fit the theme as well. As I do not know how noisy this whirligig may be, it may work better as a scarecrow in the garden than a yard ornament.

 The idea for this whirligig came from the love my mother had for tap dancing. As she could not get me to take lessons I hope that this whirligig idea will please her and so I dedicate this post to her.

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